Nanny's Attik




 Nanny's Attik is home to "The Cookie Jar Queen She has jars all the way from Vintage to Limited Editions.  It seems the "Cookie Jar King" was more interested in Cushman Motor Scooters, but thought this new hobby of his wife was great because he finally found a way to spend $ on his hobby by encouraging her to buy more jars,  She was hooked. (by Richard's line & sinker)

  Nanny's Attik has been at for 14 years.  The original smokehouse that was on this property was gererously donated by Mrs. Palmer to the historical society.

Betty generously donates her merchandise, time & profits to many non-profit & charitable organizations. The Boy Scouts of America, Salem Luthern School, Concordia Lutheran, Klein High Schools,Houston Achievement & Paralyzed vets, St. Simon & Jude Catholic Church and fundraising events for families in need to name a few.   She is also a member of the St. Anne Catholic Church Family where she is a member of the Altar Rosary Society that organizes fundraisers & auctions for the church. She avidly donates to the ST. Vincent DePaul Society of St. Anne's as well.

The City of Tomball celebrated its 100 year Centennial in 2007 and Nanny's Attic has had an exclusive "Tomball Centennial Star" made for this event.  This 3D star has Tomball 100 on it or you may choose one with just Tomball Texas.  To also celebrate the Tomball Centennial, we even have a geocache buried at Nanny's Attic.Go to for more information about this and directions to finding the buried treasure.